Our purpose is to simply make our clients’ lives easier, allowing them to focus on what they do best: THEIR BUSINESS.

For over 25 years we’ve been committed to making our clients’ lives easier. It all started with a realization that Australian businesses could be so much more if only they were able to leave it to the experts and focus on what they do best: their business. We do it by offering the mid market exactly what they need: professionalism, know how, simplicity and the same passion for their business as they have.

Born in a Melbourne warehouse back in 1998, Dycom, like any great digital startup, was formed by a small entrepreneurial team with a big vision.

Today this vision still holds strong. From an initial tea of 1 founding father to an organisation of close to 30 today, DyCom is one of Australia’s local digital and cloud solutions provider. We don’t have copious quantities of clients. We like it this way. Those we do service, we consider valued partners. They know each of us by name and our staff are an extension of their organisation.
Here at DyCom we don’t believe that technology changes the world.
People do.

We take a more people focused approach to everything that we do.
It’s in our DNA.

We like to think of ourselves as one big family. And we mean it. Our secret weapon is our people. We are more than a hosting company.

At DyCom we provide end to end digital solutions and innovation to Australia’s companies. Coined the digital roadies, the team at DyCom relish working behind the scenes providing strategic direction and technical support to ensure customers’ online presence is always available, no matter the time of day.

We’re up 24/7 to make this happen. We specialise
in the support of mission critical appliances, telecommunications and advanced data insights.

How can
Dycom make
your life easier?

Using our Managed Services, we'll not only handle mundane tasks, but solve your strategic challenges.
Fully managed, optimised and secure end to end hybrid private networks with Wireless, MPLS, SD WAN, and internet connections.
Rapidly setup environments to drive business priorities. Scale to meet peak demands. Increase daily activities, efficiency and reduce cost.
Get peace of mind knowing that your data is protected and secure.
Buy IT Hardware and Software. Fast and easy procurement with competitive pricing.
IO Connect - Collect data about your visitors.
IO Insight - See how your visitors behave.
IO Engage - Communicate with visitors.

The Dycom Difference

Customer Experience

Just how we help you reach your potential is what makes us unique. Everything about our approach is fine tuned to deliver a remarkably easy and reassuring experience that mid market businesses will get from no other provider.


As an mid market MSP, we have the breadth of expertise across all core IT functions and the right scale to make an impact. Gain the power of having just one partner to tackle your technology and provide the smart strategic insight that enables future competitiveness.


From our inception we’ve been focused on one goal: To provide the mid market with the smart solutions and dedicated support it deserves. Over 20 years we’ve become very good at it. We understand your business and what truly empowers you to thrive.

The Dycom Team

More than 20 sales and service pros work with DyCom. Together, we help some of Australia’s biggest vendors.
Get Customers and Keep Customers.
Bruce Muir
Jay Leccio
Azaad Aroos
Vida Yucor
Matt Adams
Jaydi Toledo
George K

DyCom help businesses with their Information Technology requirements. We source product multi vendor for the best price and availability.

We make product recommendations. We help keep your business moving forward by supporting your IT environment and keeping it stable.We understand in today’s world our customers need their IT systems to be up and running at all times. Our services department are there 24 x 7 for Helpdesk Support because we know business doesn’t start at 9am and finish at 5pm. We design, we build, we manage in your premise, or in the cloud.
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