PON Capacity

SMF will transmit up to 69000 times the theoretical bandwidth

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PON Life span

No limit on useful life in the foreseeable future 10 Years 50+ Years

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Tensile Strength

Optic fibre has more than 4 times the tensile strength 12 Kgs 50Kgs +

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Operational Cost

30- 50% lower capital costs &  50 – 70% lower operational costs

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Optical Line Terminal

GPON is ideal for deployment by federal government, commercial enterprise, healthcare, hospitality and education markets. The GPON support network upLinks for both 10 gigabit Ethernet and 1 gigabit Ethernet, with Link aggregation and dual homing high availability capabilities.

Optical Network Terminal

GPON portfolio can help you succeed in this all-fiber and passive optical network (PON) evolution. GPON meet and exceed the requirements of modern high performance enterprises LANs.

PON Network Management

The architecture of a passive Optical LAN leverages centralized Intelligence and resources. Thus, the brains of the network reside in the GPON and the network management software.


The PON cabling infrastructure supports bandwidth of more than 50 terabits per second (Tbps), and the single-mode fiber extends the LAN reach up to 30 kilometers without signal regeneration.


IP/Ethernet centric platform delivering high density services to enterprise and service provider markets. People all over the globe want to be connected anywhere, anytime.


With the Performance Management Package, the network operator can receive information about service availability and bandwidth utilization to maintain the desired level of service for each customer.


Popular new methods of communicating present new challenges for service providers and their networks. As the increase in traffic puts more pressure on the networks, service providers must solve growing congestion and inefficiency challenges.


provides physical media independence, enabling the operator to use the most cost-efficient physical media available at the cell and aggregation sites. independent from the radio generation & from the radio vendor implementation.


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Differences Optical LANs v. Traditional LANs

Lower upfront capital expenses and ongoing utility costs.
Virtually limitless bandwidth.
Port-level bandwidth management and control.
Much smaller and fewer telecommunications rooms,and smaller pathways.
 Total cost of ownership savings of 32%-68% over 5 years.
 Green benefits, especially from reduced power consumption.

Optical LAN benefits

 Planning to build a new facility, update existing cabling, or replace old switches.
 Supporting multiple systems on your network backbone (e.g., computers,       phones, wireless access points, access-control, security, fax machines).
 Working in a hospital, campus, university, high-occupancy, or multi-tenant environment.


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