People Counters and Visitor Analytics Software.

Skyfii’s people counters (WiFi, sensors, and cameras) and visitor intelligence software provide you with a complete solution
to manage your venue’s occupancy as well as analyze visitor traffic and behavior patterns. We have people counting
systems available for venues of all sizes and budgets.

Accurately Count Visitors and Measure their Interactions with your Spaces

It’s difficult to optimize your venues if you don’t have a solid understanding of how they’re being utilized by your visitors.

With our people counters and advanced visitor analytics software, you can accurately count visitor traffic in your venues, measure their detailed movements and interactions, and view detailed graphic reports of that data to better understand what’s happening in your spaces.

How Can People Counters and Skyfii Help Your Business?

Convert More Shoppers

Monitor checkout areas to understand which factors impact conversion and abandonment rates.

Optimize Tenant Mix

Understand how effective different tenants are at drawing traffic to an area.

Reduce Congestion

Identify congested areas, and see how changes to staffing, layout, and signage improve traffic flow.

Intelligent Merchandising

See which product displays visitors engage with the most, and for how long.

Accurately Predict Staffing Needs

Identify trends in traffic volume, and plan staff scheduling to more accurately meet demand.

High-Fidelity People Counters

Accurately detect people for a direct visitor count.

Detect people with up to 99% accuracy

Distinguish individuals from groups, children from parents, or staff from visitors for a more refined traffic count

Measure visitor traffic and occupancy in real-time

Measure Facility Usage

Compare visitor traffic to different areas of your venue.

Measure traffic throughout different entrances, passages, and floors.

See where visitors congregate, and how long they spend in those areas.

Measure bi-directional traffic flow (whether visitors are entering vs. leaving an area).

Monitor Performance of Key Areas

Measure detailed interactions to understand how
key areas are performing.

Measure conversions and abandonment in checkout areas

Measure interactions with different products, displays, and retail zones

Monitor queue times at checkout, security checkpoints, and entrances

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