Common reasons why companies change their IT Services Provider

Our existing IT services contract is up for renewal, but the vendor wants to tie us into another 12 month agreement. The service hasn’t been great recently, so we’re a bit reluctant to sign up for another year”.

You don't have to...

We retain long-term working relationships with our clients, but we don’t tie any of them into 12-month service contracts. The first 3 months of service is subject to a one-month termination period, with a 3-month rolling notice period applied thereafter.
“Our existing IT company used to be great, but recently their service levels have been dreadful! They keep missing their SLA, they never return our calls and we are bored with having to chase them to fix our IT problems!”

It’s all about resources.

Service level shortfalls can occur when a help desk team is overworked, understaffed, or both! It’s also possible that the engineer/s that had the most knowledge about your network have left the company. We don’t cut corners when it comes to recruiting good people in the numbers required to exceed our client’s expectations. That’s why we’ve recently won the Best Business Award for customer focus!
“At the moment we’re using an independent IT person. They never answer their mobile and when they do, they are usually too busy to help us”.

We provide instant support.

There are many good freelance IT support engineers across London, but most of the good ones are too busy to provide a fast reactive support service, whether it be onsite, or remotely! Our service desk team provides instant troubleshooting support. If we cannot fix the issue straight away then it is immediately escalated to our in-house 2nd and 3rd line support engineers.
“We’re happy with the remote support service provided by our existing IT company, but it takes ages for an engineer to visit us when we require support for something that cannot be fixed remotely”.

Our Field Engineers are local.

Remote support can be provided from anywhere in the world, but onsite support is a different story! Our Field Support engineers provide rapid onsite support from our Central London office and East London Headquarters. When an issue cannot be fixed remotely, we will send an engineer to site within 24 hours.
“It took hours for our existing IT company to start looking into a business critical network problem. No one in the company could work until the problem was fixed. The downtime literally cost our business thousands of pounds in lost revenue”.

We provide instant Emergency IT Support.

In the event of a business critical emergency, an engineer will look into the issue immediately. If we cannot fix the problem remotely then we will dispatch a field support engineer to site within the hour.
“Our existing IT company doesn’t provide support outside traditional business operating hours”.

Our engineers never sleep.

Well, sort of… Our UK-based team provides telephone and remote IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This additional service is used by clients that work outside of standard business operating hours, or have staff working from global satellite offices that operate in different time zones.
“Our existing IT company does a great job supporting our Windows PCs, but they really struggle with Mac problems”.

An Apple a day keeps the Windows away!

We employ help desk and Field support engineers that are proficient in supporting Mac users and troubleshooting Apple technologies on a daily basis, from iPhones to iMacs. In fact, a large number of our existing clients use Windows and Mac technologies in a cross-platform environment.
We’re interested in using new technologies, but our existing IT company doesn’t seem to know the answers to any of our questions!

We’re a highly technical organisation.

We’ve been successful for over two decades because we’ve continuously evolved our skill set to support the latest technologies. Your dedicated account manager is on hand to answer ANY IT related questions you have. They are supported by our team of IT consultants and project managers who are available to offer expert impartial advice for your complex IT requirements. This statement is backed by up-to-date industry leading accreditations.
“We handle lots of sensitive client data but our existing IT company isn’t ISO27001 accredited. It’s a shame because we are happy with the service, but we can’t take the risk of being non-compliant”.

We’ve got that covered.
“We’re constantly being told that numerous software applications and devices are ‘not covered in our support contract’. I’ve checked the small print and it’s full of exclusions!”

We’ve banned the small print.

Our service desk team will endeavor to assist you with ANY IT related problems, including issues with common 3rd party applications and managing warranty cases with 3rd party manufacturers. As a small business, we also hate small print, which is why you won’t find any in our IT support services agreement!
“We have to pay extra if we need support for our tablets and other mobile devices”.

We provide full mobile device support.

FULL support for Android, Windows and Apple smartphones and tablet devices is included with our Fully Managed IT support service.
“Our IT company provides us with a range of cloud services. But the platform is unreliable and it takes them forever to get any cloud-related issues resolved”.

We have our own cloud infrastructure.

Many IT companies resell white label cloud-services under their own brand. Because of this. both support and reliability are out of their control. We continue to invest heavily in with Tier 1 and Tier 2 cloud infrastructures that resides in Australia's data centres. This policy allows us to provide a better standard of service and faster reactive support.

Let us take your IT pain away. 
Contact us for a no-obligation quote today.

Remember, fear of change and misplaced loyalty will only cause you more pain in the long-term. Don’t be afraid to make the change, let us take the stress out of changing your IT supplier by fully managing the entire service transition process, leaving you to focus on other important business activities.
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